Best Investments of 2015
Posted 07-10-2015 2:39 pm
It is an age-old question. What should I invest in?  What are the hottest investments of 2015?  Should I buy gold?  Should I buy stocks?  How about real estate?  Or buying a business?  How should I invest my money?


The Types of ROI and Which One to Use
Posted 12-04-2014 11:27 am
Did you know that there are different types of Return on Investment, or ROI for short?  Each one has a different purpose and tells you something different about the investment you are considering making.  Understanding the different types of ROI is essential to being a savvy investor - whether you are buying a business, acquiring rental property, or deciding which business opportunity to pursue. 


How to Make Your Property Cash Flow
Posted 07-31-2008 10:43 am
The number one question buyers ask me is: "How do you make properties cash flow in Seattle?" 


How Much is Your Seattle Apartment Worth?
Posted 07-28-2008 1:10 pm
How much is your Seattle apartment worth?  As part of my Free Property Valuation for apartment owners, I conduct 3 tests to determine property value.


Seattle Apartment Trends
Posted 07-01-2008 10:03 am
Bank financing is difficult to obtain in today's market, which is great news for apartment owners.


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